NPSBG1500/2200 Sewage pumps

NPSBG1500/2200 Sewage pumps

  • £295.00

A professional sewage pump fitted with a 2 channel rotor. The 1500W version is 230v / 50Hz and the 2200W pump is 3 phase / 50Hz

The rotor design enables waste with a solid diameter of 50mm to be pumped without the risk of blockage. The single phase version is equipped with a float switch for automatic operation.

NPSBG1500 - 14M head - 660 litres/min flow - 8.8Amps, 2.5" outlet - 37Kgs

NPSBG2200 - 19M head - 800 litres/min flow, 5.5 amps, 2.5" outlet - 43Kgs