Sewage/Foul Water Sump Pump (Grinder/cutter Unit)

  • £795.00

Sewage/Foul water Sump Pump with built in cutter/grinder.

Our Grinder Single pump, packaged pump station, is designed to collect sewage/Grey water through any one of 4 off 110mm inlet ports.

It has been specifically designed by us for below ground installations. Manufactured in the UK, from high quality virgin HDPE, the pump station is delivered as a complete package including chamber, all internal pipe work/valves and a powerful 2200watt grinder sewage pump. 

The pump is manufactured with a stainless steel housing to resist corrosion and is powered with a 2200watt (240v) motor, which has a max 15M head height and 400 litres per min discharge. The pump is fitted with heavy duty EDPM sealed non return valve and single union ball shut off valve.  The ball valve make it possible to easily remove the pump without the head of foul water rushing back into the tank. Our pipe and valves are manufactured in Italy.

We have designed our system to be installed by contractors/home owners with basic building, plumbing and electrical skills. 

Our tank has been designed with a tall up-stand (150mm) with a standard 450mm diameter opening. Many standard off the shelf inspection chamber lids can be used. Round, square or even recessed lids can simply be fitted. To adjust the lid height from the finished floor height, the up-stand can be trimmed to suit. If necessary, standard 450mm inspection chamber risers can be used to increase the lid height. (Inspection chamber lid in photo not included in this listing).

We have pre-cut out 4 off 110mm diameter inlet ports at 90 degree intervals and blanked them off to save the installed from buying expensive hole saws.

The outlet discharge is fitted with a 50mm solvent weld waste socket. Off the shelf 50mm solvent weld pipe and fittings from local builders merchants or the likes of Screwfix, can be used or we can sell you the same high quality pipe and fittings that the sump pump unit is manufactured from. Please call for further information.

Pump may differ slightly from shown in the photo - please call for further information