High Level Alarm

  • £157.00

Audible/WI-FI and GSM dialler alarm - possibly the cheapest GSM unit on the market!!!

This very simple high level alarm, will monitor the fluid level within your chamber either via a finger float switch or by a standard float switch (Foul Water). Should the fluid level raise beyond the working pumping volume, the alarm is triggered via a wireless transmitter to the base panel  

The alarm is equipped with main voltage supply and internal battery back up in the event of a power failure. We supply a Pay as you Go SIM card with each unit and an audible siren. Up to 6 telephone numbers can be programmed into the unit and/or 6 numbers to receive an SMS text alert.

If the power supply for the alarm is wired between the pump and the pumps fused spur, then in the event of a mains power failure to the pump, the alarm will send the user a notification of the power loss.