800 vA (700watt) Submersible Pump Battery Backup Unit

800 vA (700watt) Submersible Pump Battery Backup Unit

  • £895.00

Our new 700w battery backup specifically designed to operate our pumps in the event of a power failure. 

Options of either Yuasa GEL batteries or Lithium Iron for up to twice the run time.

It has been designed and built to run our range of Pedrollo Top1 and Top2 pumps as well as the KSB Amadrainer 301 pumps

This unit can be easily mounted inside a wall cavity either free standing or wall mounted.

Installation is easy. Use the wall bracket supplied to hang the battery back up. To wire in the unit connect the labelled 1 metre long flex to the AC supply (240v 13A) and the other 1 metre flex connect to the pump via an un switched fused spur (not supplied). The 2 cables can be fed through the pre cut holes in any of the four sides.

The unit can be used for many other purposes including electrical equipment.

Larger battery capacity can also be provided on request.