3KW battery Backup - UPS

  • £995.00

Our new 3000W battery backup specifically designed to operate our pumps in the event of a power failure. In an actual trial the system ran our 550watt vortex pump for 1 cycle per hour for 5 days without running out of power. Each cycle was 20 seconds pumping 80 litres. Almost 10,000 litres of water on battery power!!!!

This unit is 50% lighter than our previous model and half the depth so it can be easily mounted inside a wall cavity.

Installation is easy. Use the wall bracket supplied to hang the battery back up. To wire in the unit connect the labelled 1 metre long flex to the AC supply (240v 13A) and the other 1 metre flex connect to the pump via an un switched fused spur (not supplied). The 2 cables can be fed through the pre cut holes in any of the four sides.

The unit provides a pure sin wave and can be used for many other purposes including electrical equipment and computers.

Larger battery capacity can also be provided on request.


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